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Welcome to the Morpheum

Dreams don't come true here. They're just more fun.

The Hall of Dreams Crossover Game


June 2nd, 2006

Henry had gotten used to having Edward invading his mind. Or, well, as used as one could be to sharing one's body and existence with a slavering, lecherous, violent beast of a being. Even their dreams intertwined. Once, the good doctor had wept over the fact that there was no place of refuge, even sleep. Now, however, he was numb to it.

That fatalistic view may be why it took him a full ten minutes, dream-time, to realize that as he was wandering in some fantastical garden, Edward was not actually there. Not over his shoulder, not taunting Henry for womanish tendencies toward the love of beauty. Not recounting the ravishing and murder of some poor woman down on her luck. Just simply. Not. There.

So stunned was he, that he found himself faint and had to settle on a convenient bench. Taking off his hat and using it as an improvised fan, he thought wryly to himself, Even without the Brute right here, I'm feeling miserable... After several deep breaths of a style taught him by the inestimable Captain Nemo as a way to still Hyde's urgings, he felt quite himself again and pushed to his feet to continue his ramble. Dreams full of horror and pain were quite familiar, so it did not at first occur to Dr. Jekyll that the sensations were unusually realistic.

Meanwhile, Inside the Temple
Edward found himself in a columned hall of perfect Classical proportion. The echo of voices and quiet footsteps reminded him of libraries and hospitals and morgues. Places of knowledge and sickness and death. It was... it was peaceful. That, in and of itself, put him on his guard. He'd never in his life had a peaceful dream. Hell, for that matter, neither had Henry. Hyde had seen to that.

Thinking of the smarmy little git made him look around for the doctor. If they were dreaming, he wouldn't be far away. It was damn near impossible to be further than a few meters apart, even in dreams, which was the only way the two of them could manifest separately. When he didn't see Henry, he smirked, the expression making his brutish face look even more frightening than normal.

"Well, well, well. Seems I've got freedom for a little mischief...." With that, he tapped the top hat he was wearing more firmly onto his head and loped down the corridor.

May 24th, 2006

"Well, this is certainly a fine pickle you've gotten us in. Are we dreaming or awake? Did you even think about it before you wandered into this place?" The voice was marginally masculine and nasal, and followed the tall, black-cloaked wanderer as he made his way through the gardens surrounding the temple-like complex.

D ignored Left Hand as best he could, keeping silent as he strode across the grounds. He had, indeed, thought that he was dreaming. But this place seemed too realistic and stable to exist in any dream. The fact that Left Hand was around in a dream to bug him only reinforced his confusion.

He reached the temple--that was what it looked like, anyway--and heard the murmur of a few voices inside. Curious, he took off his hat as he ventured in.

"Are we absolutely sure that this is a good idea?" the voice asked again.

"Be quiet," D replied as he walked in and looked around.

April 6th, 2006

This is just a running list of characters from different fandoms that we'd like to see, as well as those already taken. Please comment to this list with whatever additions you have, and I will update it. Right now, as you can see, the possibilities are wide open.

Taken PCs -- Canon
Anna Valerious -- Van Helsing
Carlos Oliveira -- Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Ellen Ripley -- Alien Resurrection
D -- Vampire Hunter D
Ana Lucia -- LOST
Dr. Henry Jekyll -- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Mr. Edward Hyde -- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Taken PCs -- OC
Samuel Ellemere
Daimon Winterbourne
Danica Grey

If you want to reserve/claim a character for a week until you finish your application, send a comment here as well.
Hi there. I'm Cat, and I'll be your host for this little exercise in meetings-of-the-mind. The whole idea behind this game is to provide a place where beings from different fandoms and /interesting/, non-Sueish OCs, can interact socially in a relatively no-limits setting. It's fairly free-form, and is meant to be a place where we flex our characterization muscles, as opposed to a combat- or politically-centered setting.

What is the setting?
The setting is a Grecian-temple-like building with an open, columned hall downstairs and several private chambers above. A garden surrounds the temple; it is surrounded itself by a sparkling fog. Dreamers who enter the fog return to the dreaming world of their own minds; first-time visitors, on the other hand, often come stumbling out of the fog into the garden in a state of abject confusion.

What are the themes?
The themes of this game are mystery, self-discovery, wonder and personal interaction. Guests can explore the strange structure, trying to find out more about its origins and that of the other guests, or simply enjoy their stay.

What characters from what genres do I want to see?
Anyone you love playing. I will be setting up a "requested characters list" according to the desires of my players, and I'm happy to NPC various people you'd like to see. Relatively intelligent, openminded characters who get along more or less well with others will probably have the most fun here.

The Rules
1. Players may use/move other people's characters with permission only.
2. Consensual violence, such as an evenly-matched barfight or BDSM, is allowed. Nonconsensual or excessive violence, rape, etc. will result in all parties involved waking up. Those responsible for the violence will be unable to find the Morpheum again for a set time--possibly forever.
3. It doesn't particularly matter how powerful your character is; if they can't behave, they'll be kicked out, and because the whole thing is a dream, they can't do any real harm to others anyway. That said: the character has to be mortal enough to need rest and dream. No gods, SparklypoofyEmpressesOfAllFaeriedom, or half-angel-half-demons, please.
4. (OOC: OOC comments should be marked, like this.) If need be I'll make an OOC community for them all.
5. Mention your character's name and who you are tagging in the subject lines of all posts and comments.
6. You may take as many characters on as you can post at least twice a week for.
Rules are subject to additions, but hopefully people play well with others and I won't have to make them too Draconian.

The Application Form
Please submit all applications as a comment to this post. They will be screened until approved.
Canon Character or OC:
Marital status and sexuality:
Characters you'd love to see your character interact with:
Three plot bunnies involving your character:
(We love bunnies here at the Morpheum. An example of a plot bunny for Fox Mulder, for example, would be his decision to investigate the Morpheum's origin. A plot bunny for Spike, on the other hand, might involve something as simple as finding a girlfriend who doesn't rip his heart out and use it to hammer nails with.)
Two-paragraph example of your writing from this character's POV:
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